Comprehensive One Time Settlement Package in lieu of Employees Pension Scheme of the bank implemented in compliance of orders dated 29.11.2013 passed by  Hon’ble Punjab & Haryana High Court. .......Read More

The Bank provides Long Term Loans at Simple Rate of Interest for Agriculturists and Non Agriculturists for a number of purposes.


Loan amt           Rate(%)

Upto Rs. 50000/-        12.40%
Above Rs. 50001/-     13.40%
Commercial Dairy        12.90%

(10 or more milch animals)


The Bank advances loans for the following :- Installation of Tubewells, Purchase of Tractors, Soil Conservation. Horticulture and Grapes Cultivation, Reclamation of Alkaline Land, Dairy Development, Poultry Development , Animal Driven Carts, Farm Forestry(Poplar Plantation), Inland Fishery Farms. Installation of Bio-gas Plants. Establishment of Broiler, Bee Keeping, Sheep Rearing etc. ........................... Read More


The Bank provides 1½ % interest rebate to the borrowers who repay their loans regularly, in time & without default.

Women are given 0.5% rebate in interest.


Bank has signed an Agreement With NIC for Computerisation of Primary Banks & Head Office

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Bank bags National Award for Best Performance

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