Loan Procedure

  • A person applying for a loan from a Primary Bank has to first become a Member of that Bank.

  • Requirement for Membership

    • Should ordinarily reside in the area of operation of the Bank.
    • Should be of 18 years of age and of sound mind.
    • Should be an owner or cultivator of agricultural land or landless agricultural labourer residing within the area of operation of the Bank.
    • An Admission fee of Rs. 5/- alongwith 5 shares of value Rs. 100/- each has to be paid by the member.
  • Documents required to be submitted by the member/applicant at the time applying for Loan:-

    • Loan Application form duly filled alongwith 4 latest passport size photographs of the prospective borrower duly attested by the Sarpanch/Lamberdar of the village or the Manager of the PADB.
    • Copy of the latest Fard Jamabandi (Record of Rights) of the land being offered as security alongwith the copy of relevant Khasra Girdawari intimating the names of the persons cultivating the land, Mutation Certificate if any, relating to the said land.
    • Other documents as applicable.
  • The Banks advance loans on the basis of schemes defined by SADB and approved by NABARD.

  • Alongwith the loan application, the member/applicant shall deposit with the Primary Bank a loan application fee of Rs. 1000/- for loans above 5 lacs, Rs. 500/- for loans above 3 lacs and upto 5 lacs, and Rs. 100/- for loans upto 3 lacs.

  • No loan fee is charged from women applicants.

  • The loan application will be disposed off within 15 days but for women applicant the loan application will be disposed off within 7 days.

  • All the applications for loans are to be addressed to the Manager of the Primary Bank in the prescribed format and are available free of cost at every PADB.

For further details please contact the Manager of the concerned Primary Bank.