The Financial Resources of the Bank includes shares, grants, subsidies and fees, deposits from the public, loans from the Government and other sources like cash credit from other banks and NABARD as approved by RCS, Punjab.


      Rs. in crore
Reserves and Other Funds412.63408.78427.82386.58372.55368.13
Paid-up Share Capital71.7372.9574.5275.8677.1678.53
Total Own Funds 484.36481.73502.34462.44449.71446.66
Loans advanced during the year
SADB Level431.64501.11506.54559.80490.22285.62
PADBs Level 465.54628.07646.69663.59488.98289.09
Total Loans Outstanding2226.662309.872428.862617.952704.032692.09
Borrowings Outstanding2123.062163.142277.792332.102368.632405.64
Working Capital (average) 2962.533131.563234.983210.953357.003387.25
SADB 28.7725.6624.9325.4210.818.28
PADB 54.9243.9941.0921.071.901.93
Total 83.6969.6566.0246.4912.7110.21

Rate of Interest

Loan AmountRate (%)
Upto Rs. 50000/-10.95%
Above Rs. 50001/- 11.80%
Commercial Dairy
(10 or more milch animals)
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