Bank has introduced a Deposit Mobilisation Scheme in  accordance with the revised guidelines issued by RBI/NABARD and with the approval of Registrar, Cooperative Societies, Punjab.

Bank has introduced two Deposit Mobilisation Schemes:-

  • Term Deposits
  • Recurring Deposits

Primary Banks (PADBs) act as agents for the Deposit Mobilisation schemes offered at SADB. Acceptance of cash is done both at PADB and SADB level. PADB forwards the deposits details to Head Office.


Term Deposit is a deposit which is received by the Bank for a fixed period and can be withdrawn any time. A minimum amount of Rs. 2000/- is required to book a Fixed Deposit. The minimum period for which a fixed deposit can be booked is one year and maximum is upto 5 years. The interest is compounded quarterly.
Customers can apply for loans against their Fixed Deposits. The maximum amount of loan that can be applied against a Fixed Deposit should be less than or equal to  75% of Deposit Amount.


A fixed sum of Rs. 100 or multiples thereof has to be deposited every month for a predetermined period.Deposits are accepted by way of cash or by a locally payable cheque. The Number of instalments for which a depositor can opt is : 12,18,24,30,36,60 months.The Rate of Interest for the Recurring Deposit is same as for Fixed Deposit.The interest is compounded quarterly.

The Rate of Interest slabs both for Fixed as well as Recurring Deposits as fixed by SADB  are as under:-

Rate of Interest on Fixed Deposit/ Recurring Deposit w.e.f. 15.06.2018.
S. No.   Category of PublicRate of Interest (%)  
For 1 year upto 2 yearsAbove 2 years upto 3 yearsAbove 3 years
1For normal public6.95%6.75%6.75%
2For senior citizens7.05%6.85%6.85%

Premature payment of Deposits may be made if the depositor desires and the interest will be paid @1% less than the interest rate payable on the Fixed Deposits/Recurring Deposits for more than one year . However, the rate of interest on premature withdrawals which are less than one year will be applicable as under:-

 PeriodRate of Interest (%)
17 Days to 14 Days3.50%
215 Days to 45 Days3.50%
346 Days to 90 Days4.00%
491 Days to 179 Days5.10%
5180 Days to less than 1 Year5.10%

Rate of Interest

Loan AmountRate (%)
Upto Rs. 50000/-10.95%
Above Rs. 50001/- 11.80%
Commercial Dairy
(10 or more milch animals)
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