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Comprehensive One Time Settlement Package in lieu of Employees Pension Scheme of the Bank implemented in compliance of orders dated 29.11.2013 passed by  Hon’ble Punjab & Haryana High Court. .......Read More

The Bank provides Long Term Loans at Simple Rate of Interest for Agriculturists and Non Agriculturists for a number of purposes.


BIO_GASSince the one of the biggest threats to the environment has been in the state of Punjab that a huge amount of wood is used for fuel, not only that the cow dung cakes which could be used as fertilizers for the important crops is also burnt for fuel etc. Gober gas provides a smokeless stove that not only protects the eyes but also provides light at less cost thus saving not only electricity but also kerosine .Keeping this in view,the bank is providing loans for the implantation of Gober gas plants.

Some more conditions regarding the scheme:
1. For the 2 cubic meter gas plant , it is necessary to have either two buffaloes or four cross breed cows, which are cabable of providing the required dung for the running of plant. The daily consumption of the plant is 50 kilograms of dung.

2. Three kgs of dung after passing through the process of the plant generates more than one kilograms of superior quality fertilizer.
3. The Agricultural department of Punjab grants Information/subsidy for the implantation of gobar gas plant.
4. The entire loan has to be paid in 7 years, the installment is yearly.

5. For availing the subsidy, the Agriculturist shall get his case sponsored from the Agricultural Department.

Amount of loan(Rs)


Size of gober gas plant

Cost (in Rs.)


2 cubic meter



3 cubic meter



4 cubic meter 55000/-
4. 6 cubic meter 65000/-
5. Bio gas fire unit 12,75,000/-


For Repayment Schedule of the above schemes click here ........