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Comprehensive One Time Settlement Package in lieu of Employees Pension Scheme of the Bank implemented in compliance of orders dated 29.11.2013 passed by  Hon’ble Punjab & Haryana High Court. .......Read More

The Bank provides Long Term Loans at Simple Rate of Interest for Agriculturists and Non Agriculturists for a number of purposes.

Dairy .. Poultry .. Sheep/goat .. Piggery .. Rabbit .. Fisheries .. Camel/Bullockcart  .. Mushroom .. 


                      Under this scheme, the most important type of fish for which loan is disbursed are Rohu,Marigal and Chinese Carps (Silver Carp,Grass Carp,Common Carp) . 





For development of a new pond of an hectare of Water Spread Area, 1.25 hectare land is required. In fisheries development, production can be around 10 ton per hectare per year.

Scheme-wise unit cost of the fisheries scheme is as under: -



Cost (in Rs.)

Excavation/creating pond

 1 hectare


Renovation of ponds

1 hectare




 Hatchery Major carp

 10 lakh .....


 Dairy cum fish

 1 hectare


 Pig cum fish

 1 hectare


 Poultry cum fish

 1 hectare


 Hatchery ornamental fish

 200-300Sq. ft.


Medium scale ornamental hatchery

 300 Sq. mt.


Integrate ornamental fishery unit

1000 sq. mt


Fish field mill

2 ton/day capacity


  • Agriculturists need to have training experience in fishery production. Training is provided Fishery Department, Punjab and PAU, Ludhiana. The borrower has to attach training certificate alongwith the loan case so as to be considered for loan disbursement.
  • Application for loan can be sent directly or through Fisheries Development Department.
  • Provision of water should be there. Loan for tubewell shall only be given in the case loan case fulfills the requirements as in the Bank Policy.
  • The borrower shall be taking relevant technical assistance from the Department from time to time.
  • Loans will be recovered in 7 years. First year will be grace period.   Loan will be recovered in 12 half yearly installments during the remaining six years.
  • Insurance of excavated pond and fisheries is mandatory.
  • Cases sent by Fisheries Development Department can have the provision of subsidy also, the details of which can be procured from the Department.
  • Information about the subsidies can be procured from the concerned Department from time to time.

For Repayment Schedule of the above schemes click here ........