About Us

To promote the economic interest of member cooperators by facilitating easy access to credit.


To become the best agricultural and rural development bank in the country in terms of promoting economic interest of its members through technology adoption and human resource development.


The Punjab State Cooperative Agricultural Development Bank Limited, previously known as The Punjab State Cooperative Land Mortgage Bank Ltd. was registered on 26.02.1958, under the Cooperative Societies Act, for granting long term loans to the owners of the land or other immovable property, so as to enable them to discharge their debts, to carry out agricultural improvements and to acquire land for the formation of economic holdings and other purposes so as to promote thrift and self help among them.

Initially Bank started functioning through the Central Cooperative Banks by appointing them as its Agents. The Agency system was discontinued in the year 1962 when 14 Primary Cooperative Land Mortgage Banks, now known as Primary Cooperative Agricultural Development Banks came into existence and were affiliated to the ‘The Punjab State Cooperative Agricultural Development Bank‘, for the purpose of advancing long term loans to the farmers in the state. At present, the number of the Primary Cooperative Agricultural Development Banks in the State is 89.

The structure in Punjab is long term and federal with The Punjab State Cooperative Agricultural Development Bank (in short, SADB) as an Apex Institution and 89 Primary Cooperative Agricultural Development Banks as its members (in short, PADB).


Bank avails refinance from NABARD for advancing loans to members. Initially it had advanced loans for  Redemption and Purchase of land so as to make the land holdings economically viable. Later on, it provided loans for the improvement of Banjar, Alkaline and Saline lands. Thereafter, it has played a substantial role in farm mechanisation in the state by advancing loans for the purchase of Tractors, Agricultural Implements, installation of Tubewells etc. It has  contributed substantially in ushering in Green Revolution in the State. After the Green Revolution, it has played a meaningful role in diversification of agriculture by providing loans for various  agricultural allied activities like Dairy, Poultry, Fishery etc. It has contributed significantly in ushering in White and Blue Revolution. At present, Bank advances loans for various Farm Sector as well as Non Farm Sector activities also.

Rate of Interest

Loan AmountRate (%)
Upto Rs. 50000/-10.95%
Above Rs. 50001/- 11.80%
Commercial Dairy
(10 or more milch animals)
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